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The beauty of durable, natural stone imported from quarries around the world. Granite countertops are very popular. Solid granite kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops are a tasteful addition to homes and office spaces, increasing both the value and appeal. For kitchen countertops, granite is justly considered the material by which other countertop materials are judged. For look, texture, durability, and value over a long period of time, granite is an obvious choice.



Quartzite, usually a white/grey color, resembles marble, but it is harder and more difficult to stain.  It is formed from sandstone and quartz together under a great deal of heat and pressure. The empty grains of sandstone are filled with quartz.





Marble is a metamorphic rock defined by its veining and soft, swirling patterns. It will create a beautiful finished project for flooring, shower walls and vanity tops.



Limestone, a sedimentary stone, is formed from the shells of ancient marine life and minerals. A soft appearance, yet durable enough for most applications, limestone comes in a nice range of muted colors.

Where does a slab of stone come from?

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